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Hi viewers

2011-11-14 15:28:45 by Navianaa

I'm MUSIC lover, I like to create special pieces for great works.

have a nice day :D


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2011-11-14 15:44:06

well nice! I make music on the side myself, but you'll probably end up the better musician than me in the end anyway hahahaa....anyway good luck with that, and pm me if you wanna chat or yadda yadda etc etc


2011-11-14 16:15:46

Hello & Welcome to Newgrounds! Don't forget to put all your Favorite Art/Music/Flash/Games on your page, also Voting on the 5 Submissions of the Day, everyday! Have an awsome day! :D


2011-11-14 17:11:54

Welcome Sister ^^


2011-11-14 17:16:55

i love music as well. welcome to Newgrounds.


2013-04-30 10:55:24

Dawn 2's music was beautiful. Great job.